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Indiana Drunk Driving Statistics


    135 people were killed in crashes involving an impaired driver last year. 

    In Indiana, there were 4,907 crashes and 130 fatal crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver in 2010.

    Since 2006, around one in every five fatal crashes on Indiana roadways have involved an alcohol-impaired driver.

    Of the nearly 300,000 drivers in crashes last year, 4,928 of them were legally impaired by alcohol. 

    According to 2010 data, drivers with a history of convictions for alcohol-impaired driving were more likely to have been impaired in crashes than those without prior convictions.

Younger Drivers 

    Last year, there were 133 drivers in Indiana fatal crashes with a blood alcohol content (BAC) result of .08 or higher – eight percent of which were under age 21.

    Per 100,000 population, drivers age 21 to 24 are most likely to have been alcohol-impaired in Indiana fatal crashes.


    Operators of motorcycles and mopeds continue to have higher incidences of alcohol involvement than drivers of other vehicle types.

    There were nearly 300 motorcycle and moped operators involved in crashes last year who had been drinking. Twenty-seven (27) of these individuals were killed as a result.

National Statistics 

    It is illegal to get behind the wheel with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher.   

    Yet according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration  (NHTSA) , more than 10,000  people were killed in U.S. highway crashes involving a driver or motorcycle rider with an illegal BAC of .08 g/dL or higher in 2009 alone.  

    Research also indicates that young adult drivers are most often involved in alcohol-related collisions.  In 2009, 8,976 people 21 to 34 years old were killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes. Of those, 47 percent (4,206) were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes. 

    Alcohol impairment among drivers involved in fatal crashes was four times higher at night than during the day (37% versus 9%).  

    Thirty-one percent of drivers involved in fatal crashes on weekends were alcohol-impaired, compared with 16 percent during the weekdays. 

    In 2009, 32 percent of fatalities in motor vehicle traffic crashes involved drivers or motorcycle riders with BACs of .08 or above — an average of one fatality every 48 minutes.  

    The percentage of drivers with BACs of .08 or above involved in fatal crashes in 2009 was highest for motorcycle riders (29 percent), followed by drivers of light trucks (23 percent) and passenger cars (23 percent).  

    Forty-three percent of the 2,291 motorcycle riders who died in single-vehicle crashes had BACs of .08 or above. 

    The age groups of 45 to 49 and 40 to 44 had the highest percentages of impaired (BAC of .08 or higher) motorcycle riders killed in fatal crashes — 41 percent and 38 percent, respectively. 

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